1. When do I get my deposit back?

On our Toyota fleet, we hold a deposit of £200 On our Mercedes E-Class’, we hold a deposit of £500. On our Mercedes V & S-Class’, we hold a deposit of £1000. All deposits must be paid upfront, and will be refunded to you 4 weeks after you return your vehicle. If we refund your deposit and afterwards, you are liable to pay for a PCN charge, we will invoice you with an attachment of the ticket and will be charging the card whose details are given by you.

2. Are all of your cars Uber ready?

Yes, all of our vehicles are already licensed and ready for PCO purposes, which you can use on the UberX, XL, Exec and Lux platforms.

3. When do I pay?

All our customers are charged their weekly rentals on Friday’s. if you rent a car before that day, you will be charged X amount of days worth of rental leading up to that Friday.

Example: If you start renting on Monday 9th July, you will be charged 4 days worth of your weekly rental which will cover you until Friday, which is when your weekly rental is charged.

4. What is the minimum rental term?

Our minimum contract hire’s at the moment are 4 weeks. Please note this may differ at times depending on supply and demand, particularly on our Mercedes vehicles.