Frequently Asked Questions

How does PCO Car Hire work?

Minimum rental is 4 weeks and you can return the car with one week’s notice if you need a break. All the servicing is free and there are no hidden charges even for breaks or tyres, bar punctures.

Are all of your cars Uber compatible?

Yes. Every Openstart car is Uber approved.

What is the deposit?

There is a £500 deposit which must be paid when you collect the car and is fully refundable after two weeks of the vehicle's return, pending arrival of traffic offences. We also ask for the first week’s rent upfront.

Do I need to pay for servicing charges such as new brakes or tyres?

No. All maintenance and MOTs are included in your rental cost. There are no hidden extras.

I've been an Uber driver for less than 3 months. Can I still rent a vehicle?

We look at each application individually. 

Is there a mileage restriction?

Yes, there is a fair usage policy of 800 miles per week.

Do you provide fully comp PCO insurance?

Openstart can provide fully comp PCO insurance for you and sort out the paperwork on your behalf, subject to status. Many drivers also choose their own suitable PCO insurance.

Does the car come with a PHV licence?

Indeed, your vehicle will be licensed and ready to use.

How does your Rent-to-Buy scheme work?

Please e-mail us at so that we can provide you a personal service and detailed answer.

What happens if I have an accident or need roadside assistance?

Call our insurance company to report an accident immediately and visit us in person within 1 working day.