Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E Class is a mainstay in the chauffeur market with its solid build quality, luxury feel and good reliability making it the go to car for many chauffeur companies.  

Ø  Transport 3 passengers comfortably

Ø  Up to 2 large suitcases

Ø  Up to 2 pieces of hand luggage

Apart from the comprehensive standard on Mercedes, all Openstart E-Class' have the following additions:

- AMG or SE Line -

- Full leather interior -

- E300 plug in hybrid or standard diesel model -


PCO RENTAL - new shape: £365 per week

Rent a new E-Class for £365 with the following included:

Ø Free servicing and maintenance

Ø Fully comprehensive Insurance

Ø Already installed camera & tracker 

Ø 40,000 miles per annum

What you need to rent this car

Ø First weeks rental

Ø £500 Deposit

Ø PCO Licence Badge/Certificate & Drivers Licence

Ø National Insurance number

Ø Two utility bills to match DVLA address within the last 3 months (bank statement/tenancy agreement/council tax)

e class interior.jpg



As is the case with all Openstart vehicles, the Mercedes E-Class is also available on a unique rent-to-buy scheme, with no interest charged.

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