Toyota Prius New Shape

 Our PCO registered Prius' are available in Black and Silver, with Leather interior available upon request.

We can also provide the old shape for a cheaper alternative, or the Blue Plug-ins.


pco rental- 15-17 plate: £239 per week

Rent a new Toyota Prius with the following included:

Ø Free Servicing and Maintenance

Ø Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Ø Already installed Camera & Tracker 

Ø 40,000 miles per annum


What you need to rent this car

Ø First weeks rental

Ø £500 Deposit

Ø PCO Licence Badge/Certificate & Drivers Licence

Ø National Insurance number

Ø Two utility bills to match DVLA address within the last 3 months (Bank statement/Tenancy agreement/Council tax)



The Openstart Toyota Prius' (New shape, Old shape, Blue plug ins) are all also available on a unique rent-to-buy scheme, with no interest charged.