Since 2010, Jaguar has been back in the game, with the new Jaguar XJ bringing the brand back to the fore for a number of chauffeur companies. The quintessentially British brand now has a vehicle that runs Mercedes-Benz and BMW close when it comes to refinement. The Big Cat is a great place to be as a driver with a chassis and engine that make the XJ a pleasure to drive.

At Openstart Premium, we offer the Jaguar XJ LWB for hire from an hourly basis up to 3 months.

Ø  Transport up to 3 passengers comfortably

Ø  Up to 2 large suitcases

Ø  Up to 2 pieces of hand luggage

All Openstart Jaguar's are:

- Top of the range -

- All Long wheel base -

- All come with the latest Jaguar Technology -