Guide to the openstart platform

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Openstart is a vehicle rental platform that connects UberX drivers with established Fleet Providers in the industry. We are able to source new vehicles at unbeatable prices due to the manner in which we operate.



become a member

Create your account with Openstart online. It’s a simple process whereby you fill out information such as your Driving Licence & National Insurance number etc. and only takes 5 minutes!


Choose which car

At the end of the process, you will be asked which vehicle you want to start driving. At the moment, Openstart currently offers 3 different vehicles for UberX drivers. Click on which vehicle you wish to drive and enter the amount of weeks you will need the car.


Collect your vehicle

Once you have been accepted as a driver and your payment towards the deposit and the first weeks rental has been made, you will be notified of a pick-up location. The fleet provider will go through a personal check out of the vehicle with you before they hand over the keys.


Start driving

Enjoy your car! If you have any queries regarding the vehicle, simply get in contact with the Fleet Provider.




Servicing & maintenance

As an Openstart customer, you will never need to worry about the maintenance of your vehicle. The cost is incorporated in your weekly rental and our Fleet Providers handle any issues regarding the condition of your vehicle, so you are always in safe hands.


PCN’s & Traffic fines

At Openstart, our policy is to pay any penalty charge notices as soon as we get them, so that no customer ever receives any additional ‘late’ costs. Once we receive fines, we pay for them and recover the money from the client. All fines can be contested with the local authorities and once the challenge has been reversed, we refund the client immediately.

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All clients via the Openstart Platform receive fully comprehensive insurance in the UK, so that if (worst case scenario) you have an accident, we have you covered. All you’d need to do is immediately contact the Claims department on 01925 207 032. We will assess the situation and aim to get you back to work ASAP.



Openstart is truly unique, in that we provide the most diverse range of vehicles within the Industry. If you are looking to work for UberX, we make sure to not only connect you with a reputed supply partner, but we promise to deliver new vehicles at market-leading prices. If you are looking to make the step up to UberExec/Lux, we can also directly provide you with a top of the range, fully licensed Mercedes’ fleet . Simply go on ‘Browse Cars’ to see what we have on offer.