Premium & Insurance Companies

At Openstart Premium, we understand the demands and changing needs to the UK car insurance market. As an insurer, we understand that if a client has been involved in an accident that you need a way of controlling the cost as well as providing the client with a replacement vehicle with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

With a premium range of vehicles available to hire to both chauffeur companies and domestic customers, we can help you to control the claim from the outset. At Openstart Premium, we offer a service to help you understand the cost of the hire upfront.

Our senior management team has over 30 years’ experience working with Chauffeur companies in London and truly understand the demands of their business. Our aim is to keep your customer on the road and minimise any loss of earnings.

In order to minimise the inconvenience, as soon as we receive instruction from you then we take over and look after your customer on your behalf.

Ø  We will contact the customer within 15 minutes of receiving instruction

Ø  We will arrange delivery at a time and location that suits your customer

Ø  We will supply the customer with all relevant paperwork so that they are fully compliant

Ø  We will arrange for any paperwork to be signed at point of delivery and returned to you with a signed copy of our rental agreement

Ø  We will request regular updates from the body shop to ensure that the repair is running to an efficient timescale

For further information on Openstart Premium and how we could benefit your insurance company, please contact: and a member of our team will contact you to discuss further.